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The Best IT Solution With 12 Years of Experience.

We are industry experts in software development and have satisfied clients with our online and mobile app design and development services. Among the top experts in the field, Magicscript Digital Pvt. Ltd. has staff members who are skilled in a variety of software environments. We are prepared to provide you the MS Digital experience, which is full of excellence, devotion, creativity, and experience, having completed so many successful projects. We have recently begun offering our clients recruitment consultancy services in Bhubaneswar in order to source the top candidates.


Our Core Values

Cost Effective

From customer website design to SEO, We have crafted the best solutions & packages for every businesses. For unique needs we are ready to go custom.

Dedicated Project Manager

At Magicscript we assign dedicated Project Manager to provide single point of contact which ensures rapid communication, thorough, effective and a singularity of vision.

Team Collabration

Every day we go above and beyond of our clients, not because we have to, because we love to. As a team we enjoy working together and this is reflected in the energy and the outcome that we bring to your project.

White Hat SEO Techniques

Immunity from google algorithm updates & better SE ranking. Our design & development process makes websites dominate search engine results & attract relevant traffic.

Soaring Conversion Rate

Boost your ROI and send your conversion rates soaring off the charts. Archive your end to end business goals with AdLift's performance based ROI marketing tactics.

Free 24/7 Support

Our fanatical support will help you in the long run where we assure you that we always with you when you need, Support is being there and assisting where we can.

Why Choose Us

We Are Here to Grow Your Business Exponentially


They constantly innovate, whether it's in developing new products, services, or technological advancements. They invest in research and development to stay ahead of the curve

Quality of Products

Their software products are robust, user-friendly, and reliable. They undergo rigorous testing and iterations to ensure high quality


These companies attract top talent and foster an environment where employees are motivated, skilled, and innovative. They prioritize continuous learning and growth

Customer-Centric Approach

They deeply understand their customers' needs and preferences. They deliver products that address these needs effectively and provide exceptional customer service


Custom IT Solutions for Your Successful Business

Website Design And Development

We are a reputable Indian web design company that provides affordable website design solutions to Indian companies.

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Graphic Design

MagicScript as a Graphic Design Company helps you to build brand identity for your Product, Service, Website and Business. At Magicscript, we create professional logo designs for Business.

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Software Development

At Magicscript, we provide software way to exclusive SMEs and hooked up organisations. Our technical team is highly experienced with...

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Mobile Apps

Mobile app creation is becoming increasingly popular, especially among independent and freelance developers, as a result of the increased need for more functional apps.

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Ecommerce Development

Online shopping Due to the replication of trends in the online retail industry alongside the traditional market, website creation has become an...

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Digital Marketing (SEO)

Start getting more qualified traffic, increased sales, and higher rankings on SERPs by requesting search engine optimization services for your business website type from India’s leading SEO Company, Magicscript Digital Pvt. Ltd..

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Our Popular Packages

Bronze pack

Low-Cost affordable hosting to get you started

₹ 7,000/- + 18% TAX
Features include
  • • 1 Sample Design Template
  • • 1 Text Based Logo
  • • 1 Domain Registration
  • • 1 Web Hosting
  • • 24/7 Support
  • • Browser Compatible Web
  • • Responsivie Web

Silver Pack

Low-Cost affordable hosting to get you started

₹ 10000/- + 18% TAX
Features include
  • • 2 Sample Design Template
  • • 1 Icon Based Logo
  • • 1 Domain Registration
  • • 3 Email ID
  • • 1 Web Hosting
  • • 1-year Free SSL Certificate
  • • Responsivie Web

Gold Pack

Low-Cost affordable hosting to get you started

₹ 22000/- + 18% TAX
Features include
  • • 2 Sample Design Template
  • • 1 Text & Icon Based Logo
  • • Free 1 Domain
  • • 5 Email ID
  • • 1 Web Hosting
  • • 1 SQL Database
  • • 1-year Free SSL Certificate

Diamond Pack

Low-Cost affordable hosting to get you started

₹ 45000/- + 18% TAX
Features include
  • • 2 Sample Design Template
  • • Ecommerce Web Template
  • • Free 1 Domain
  • • 10 Email ID
  • • 1 Web Hosting
  • • 1 SQL Database
  • • 1-year Free SSL Certificate


Frequently Asked Questions

MSD PVT.LTD is a digital marketing company that focuses on artificial intelligence. Our expertise covers SEO, content and social media, ensuring that we have a strategic plan to increase online visibility, while driving business growth using advanced AI technologies.

We have been developing software for more than 8 years. Our dedicated developers are experienced. In addition, our software developers are constantly updated on the latest technologies which will help them to complete the complex projects of potential customers.

Yes! This will depend on the client's location, availability and region. This isn't essential, as we are able to communicate with our clients via email, Google Meet/Zoom/Skype, or by telephone.

It is important to have a website that can be viewed easily by visitors. AlgoPage is committed to using the latest technology in order to create digital spaces that offer enhanced viewing. Your business's brand image will be improved and your website will be easier to access on digital devices. Your web page will be tailored according to your preferences.

In a world like digital marketing it's impossible to guarantee any results. In a field like SEO there are many variables that need to be considered. This makes it difficult to guarantee results. Google's secret algorithm and constant changes will prevent us from guaranteeing the results. But we can assure you that our experience in this sector is solid. We can connect you with some of the clients we have worked with in case you are interested in seeing what kind of results digital marketing can produce. Last words - If you are not pleased with the results then neither are we.

We are always working to keep you informed. We do this by sending monthly reports outlining performance, completed work and further work that needs to be performed. You will learn how to track your website's performance using dashboards that are based on analytics. We make every effort to give our customers action lists that detail the areas of work needed. We will always be in contact with our client to give them regular updates.

When the project is finished and delivered, then yes. We will still provide our support to you for 60 day.

Yes! We can help in many ways - we are on social media every day. We can maintain your social media accounts; we can regularly update your pages with fresh content. We can engage and increase your traffic through social media.

For a PPC (pay per-click) campaign, you'll need a Google Ads. Once you've registered (we can help with this), our PPC professionals can set up the campaigns for you. It will be based upon your key goals, keywords, audience target and geographic market.

Yes! We can develop any type eCommerce website for different platforms. For more details, please contact us. You can also arrange a consultation with our designers.


What Our Clients Say

Magic Script Digital Private Limited assisted me with keyword research, link building and everything else related to seo. They redesigned my site and made it user-friendly. They also do some advertising for me.

Nguyen Long


MSD and his staff were able create the website I envisioned for my business in just a couple of days. They were able to turn a Hair Spa & outdated website into an appealing visual site, at a very fair price.

Luca Alberti


When you're a busy owner of a small business, this is enough for your full-time work. Someone else should handle your marketing so that you focus on the things you do best.

Larry Fox


Great Company with a lot of knowledge about digital marketing. My sales continue to increase. I look forward to this business relationship continuing.

Stephen Lovell


Over the past couple of years, MSD has hosted, created, modified and managed my website. During the past winter I asked MSD to convert the website content, from Drupal, to Wordpress. Page loading speeds were slower after conversion.

La Perry


MSD and his staff are extremely professional. I am extremely pleased with the work they do and their work ethics. They kept me informed of the progress in a step-by step manner and quickly made any requested changes.


South Africa

This company is great! They fixed the website for me in a matter of days, at an affordable price. Susant and Rohit did a fantastic job. Customer service is amazing! The website is very easy to navigate. Highly recommended!

Andrew Yu


My website has a lot issues. We designed it ourselves and it's 170+ pages. I had a website that was not mobile-friendly with errors. Other companies offered me high prices to fix it. They wanted me sign a 12 month contract.

Obi Raymond



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