Domain Name Registration

Whatever industry you operate in, having a domain name or Internet address is essential to your company's success. To obtain a sense of the significance of your domain name, consider how frequently your address, phone number, company name, and general identity are used and spoken in daily life.

For our clients only, we provide a large selection of hosting services along with domain registration at discounted prices. You can only receive this service if you work with us to design your website. With our cutting-edge control panels, we offer hosting options that let you fully administer the hosted name.

You may get the high-quality hosting service you require without going over budget with our unbeatable prices. After you make a purchase, our customer service representatives keep adding value by offering helpful technical support.

Our Server Features

  • Powerful multi-processor servers
  • RAID storage devices eliminate downtimes and data loss due to hard disk failure, a constant problem very common in other web hosts!
  • Real-time statistics
  • Plenty of space and bandwidth available for your website, and we won't charge you for excess bandwidth consumption.
  • Control panel software where you can create new email accounts (including lists and forwarders), change passwords, and check stats and more! Check the demo link to the left.
  • We do backups of your data THREE times a day, and not to [unreliable, slow] tape but to hard storage media.
  • Climate controlled NOC (network operations center) keeps our servers running cool for maximum efficiency.
  • We accept international orders and host international domains.
  • Support for ASP, ASP.NET, PHP, Active Perl, EJB, JSP, Servlet, SSI, MsSQL and MySQL databases.